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13-Gallon Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Can with Foot Step Pedal Design

13-Gallon Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Can with Foot Step Pedal Design

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This 13-Gallon Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Can with Foot Step Pedal Design is for kitchens, offices or any place where you need to throw garbage at home. It is made of stainless steel and pp for durability. The smooth surface is not only easy to clean, but the elegant silver can be matched to your home decor, and the glazing treatment helps the surface fight against bacteria and fingerprints. The unique small hole not only allows you to fix the garbage bag, but also prevents the garbage bag from falling off. The internal separate bin can also be removed for cleaning. You don't have to worry about the inconvenience, because the inside of the bucket has handles, you can easily remove them, and there are invisible handles on the outside. The sturdy, wide steel pedal means that the cans do not have to be handled manually, you can open the lid in a simple step. At the same time, after the pedal is released, the cover slowly descends without any noise. Bring you a quiet and comfortable environment! If you are looking for it, don't hesitate to buy it!
13-Gallon Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Can with Foot Step Pedal Design
Convenient Handle Design
There is a handle on the back of the stainless steel trash can which is convenient for you to lift and move, so you can easily put it where you want
On the other hand, this pedal bin contains a separate trash can, and there are handles on both sides of the trash can to make it easy to take out the trash can inside
Low-effort Pedals and Silent Cover
The trash can has separate and ergonomic pedals that gently open the corresponding lid, making it easy for kids
More, when the pedals release their hands, the plastic cover will remain open vertically
Not only the cushioning device, but also no noise, it will not affect the quiet environment
Innovative Garbage Bag Hole
There is a circular hole in the separate plastic trash can inside, which is used to fix the garbage bag
When you put the garbage bag in, you can roll the excess garbage bag together and stuff it from the back of the hole
It can effectively prevent the garbage bag from falling off, and it is also convenient to pick up the garbage bag
Quality Material
The trash garbage can are made of high quality 410 stainless steel which is durable and sturdy, glazing is also applied to the surface to keep it clean and free from fingerprints or smudges
If dirty, smooth surface is also easy to wipe. Meanwhile, the material of the inner buckets is pp which is solid and light weight
Meaningful Shape
The trash bin has a rectangular shape which has a larger storage than the circular bin, and you can get the maximum capacity with minimal space
It is circumferential arc that can bring more safety to your family
What's more, the elegant silver and simple silhouette will be an eye-catcher in your house
The treatment of sealing glaze can keep the surface clean better
The separate plastic bucket has handles that can be easily lifted
Trash can body has invisible handle can move conveniently
The unique hole not only fixes the garbage bag but also to pick up the garbage bag easily
The cushioning mechanism of the plastic lid can not only fall slowly but also be noiseless
Stainless steel material is not only sturdy but also durable
Arc-angled rectangles are not only more capacious but also safer
Bottom hollow design can be used to waterproof
The pedal requires very little effort to use
Smooth surfaces are easy to clean
Color: Silver
Main material: PP, steel stainless
Package includes:
1 x Trash garbage can
17" x 12" x 26" (L x W x H)
The size of inside bucket: 16" x 11" x 23" (L x W x H)
Capacity: 13.2 gal
Weight: 14lbs.

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